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Buyers Club
Each week we send out an email to all our Buyers Club members featuring all new listings posted that week. Your new listings will automatically be included in this email.

Conference Calls
Each month we host a conference call with a discussion topic like escrow, exporting, how to get more listings, etc. Our brokers find this continuing education very helpful and a great confidence builder. We also use these calls to discuss current market trends, share success stories, ask questions and network with eachother.

Export Opportunities
Even though the economy is down, worldwide aviation is booming. A few of our Network Brokers have a great deal of experience exporting aircraft and are always looking to fill orders. The first place they look is In addition, if a foreign purchaser is interested in your plane, but needs help with the export process, you now have a team of professionals you can enlist to help.

Networking with other brokers
Our members feel like they are part of a team and occasionally work together on deals, co-brokering listings or giving referrals.

Co-op advertising opportunities
Occasionally we offer additional advertising opportunities that network brokers may opt to participate in.

Membership Fee:

$200 per month/unlimited listings

Only have a couple listings? Contact us through the link below to discuss pricing for a limited membership.

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