Aircraft Info:

Year/Make/Model:       Engine Make/Model:           Registration (N#):

Total Time:                     Engine Time:

Date of Last Annual:     Date of Last Overhaul:        Propellor Time:


Base Color:                     Trim Color(s):
          Wheelpants     Matching Paint

Date Painted:

Hangared:                 Always   Never     Some        Currently

Dings or Dents:        None     Few       Some       Numerous    

Chips in the Paint:   None     Few       Some       Numerous    


Color of Seats:                Sidewalls:                       Carpet

Seats are:                     Cloth       Vinyl       Leather

Glass is:                           Clear       Hazy      In Need of Replacement

Rips or Tears:                 None       Few       Some       Numerous    

Cracks in Plastic:           None       Few       Some       Numerous    

Year of Interior:             Year of Glass

Please fill in all that apply.

Audio Panel:
       3 Light Marker Beacon     CD Player

Nav/Com #1
      Glideslope     HSI

Nav/Com #2
      Glideslope     HSI

      IFR Certified

DME:                                     ADF:                                      Transponder:

Autopilot:                           Flight Director:                    HSI:

Stormscope:                      WX Radar:                            Radar Altimeter:

Intercom           EGT           CHT           Hobbs           Clock

Please check all that apply

Horton STOL Kit
Peterson 230SE STOL
Peterson 260SE STOL
Robertson STOL
Vortex Generators
Metco Tips
Taildragger Conversion
Float Kit
Oversized Gear
Scott Tailwheel
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
Known Ice
De-Ice Boots
Hot Props
Long Range Tanks
Auto Fuel STC
Bracket Air Filter
Slick Mags

Please check all that apply

Complete Logbooks
No Damage History
ADs complied with

(Please include anything else not mentioned above)

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City:                                   State:     Zip/Country:

Home Phone:                    FAX #:


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