What is The Plane Exchange Network?

The Plane Exchange Network was created with both aircraft buyers and aircraft brokers in mind. It is a place where aircraft buyers can not only find aircraft for sale, but they will also find useful information about used aircraft and the aircraft buying process. We are much more than an aircraft multi listing service, though. We have created a network of independent aircraft brokers who work together as a team, sharing ideas, learning from eachother, co-oping advertising and sometimes even co-brokering aircraft.

We designed www.ThePlaneExchange.com with our buyers in mind. Aircraft listings are easy to read and full of information, without flashy ads that can be distracting, so buyers can easily find the information they are looking. We have even included articles on topics our buyers regularly ask us about. What is escrow? Why should I work with a broker? What are compressions and what do the numbers mean?

We are in the process of upgrading our website and adding many new features our buyers and brokers will love. Follow our facebook page @theplaneexchange for new listing notifications, useful information about buying an aircraft and aircraft ownership.

Our Founders:

Jessica van Garderen
President/Webmaster and Co-founder

Jessica grew up at the airport. Her first steps were in the Pilot's lounge and she could fly a plane before she could drive a car. She had her Private Pilot's License by the time she graduated high school and was teaching people to fly when she was 19. She was a flight instructor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach and interned with Delta Air Lines before graduating with a degree in Professional Aeronautics.

She has over 2300 hours total time and more than 1100 hours of dual given. Jessica is the co-founder of Price Aircraft Sales and The Plane Exchange Network. She has been selling planes for over 15 years, has taught workshops on how to be an aircraft broker and is currently a classroom instructor at Montana State University - Gallatin College, where she teaches Aviation Safety, Aviation Law and Commercial Pilot Ground.

Barb Price
1955 - 2009

Barb began her career in the aviation industry over 30 years ago working for the family business, Price Aviation, in S.E. Michigan. Growing with the area, and the industry, she led the team that created one of Michigan's top flight training program in the 80's and 90's. Students and experienced pilots alike turned to her to buy a plane from, or to sell their planes.

She has been buying, selling and brokering planes for nearly 30 years. With the sale of Price Aviation, and the creation of www.theplaneexchange.com, a new generation of aircraft sales was created, moving away local area purchases and sales, to world wide opportunities using the Internet and The Plane Exchange Network. She has sold aircraft to or for pilot's in just about every state and has exported aircraft all over the world.

The aviation industry and the world lost a truly amazing woman when she passed away on November 21, 2009. She will be missed, but not forgotten; as her spirit lives on, the business she helped to create continues to grow and the industry she helped to define will never be the same.

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