How to
Buy an Aircraft

Step 1:
Choose the Make/Model
that is Right for You

Step 2:
Get Pre-Qualified
for Financing

Step 3
Shop Around

Step 4
Research Your Aircraft

Step 5
Put Deposit on Plane/
Open Escrow Account

Step 6
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Step 7
Verify the Aircraft
has a Clean Title

Step 8
Get a Quality
Insurance Policy

Step 9
Arrange Final Payment

Step 10
Closing Paperwork

Step 11
Pick Up your plane/
Schedule Delivery

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Aircraft Buyer's Checklist

Would you fly without using a checklist? So, why would you buy a plane without one? By following a few simple precautionary procedures, buying a plane can be an enjoyable and exciting experience that you will remember forever. Our goal is to make your experience a great one!

The following checklist will provide you with all the tools necessary to make a confident, educated purchase. From choosing the right aircraft to getting a quality insurance policy, we have thought of it all and listed everything in an easy to follow guide. If you would like to print this checklist, there is a link to a printable version on the left side of the page. If you have any questions, a Plane Exchange representative will be happy to assist you.

Good Luck!


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