How to
Buy an Aircraft

Step 1:
Choose the Make/Model
that is Right for You

Step 2:
Get Pre-Qualified
for Financing

Step 3
Shop Around

Step 4
Research Your Aircraft

Step 5
Put Deposit on Plane/
Open Escrow Account

Step 6
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Step 7
Verify the Aircraft
has a Clean Title

Step 8
Get a Quality
Insurance Policy

Step 9
Arrange Final Payment

Step 10
Closing Paperwork

Step 11
Pick Up your plane/
Schedule Delivery

Printable Version

Aircraft Buyer's Checklist

Step 11:   Pick Up Your Plane or Make Delivery Arrangements
This is the part you have been waiting for. You are now the proud owner of your new plane. You will need to find a hangar or tie down space to store your plane and you will be responsible to get it to its new home. Many buyers enjoy the adventure of flying their plane, sometimes across the country, to get it home. Others don't have the time or the experience and prefer to hire someone to deliver the plane. There are several options for delivery. You could hire a commercial pilot to bring you the aircraft or you could hire a flight instructor to fly with you. We have included links on this page to help you make your travel arrangements. Using these links helps to support our website and all the great, free services we offer.

Ferry Pilots: There are many types of ferry pilots available for hire. Professional ferry pilots ferry airplanes as their main profession. You may pay a little more for their services, but the experience they bring to the flight may be worth it. Especially if you are trying to move a plane all the way across the country or internationally. Another great option for relocating aircraft is to hire a part-time ferry pilot. Often times, you can find a pilot who works for an airline, but acts as a ferry pilot in his or her spare time. Scheduling is a bit more difficult, but you can save a lot in travel expenses making the wait worth it. You may also want to to talk to your local flight instructor. A long cross-country flight can be a great learning experience as well as an adventure!

We hope this aircraft buyers guide has given you insight to buying an aircraft. If you still have unanswered questions please contact one of our brokers or dealers and they will be happy to help you. If you are still shopping around for your perfect plane, please remember to visit often as we are continuously updating it with new aircraft for sale. In addition, you may want to join our Aircraft Buyer's Club where you will be the first to know when new planes are added to our site.

Good luck in your aircraft search and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


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