How to
Buy an Aircraft

Step 1:
Choose the Make/Model
that is Right for You

Step 2:
Get Pre-Qualified
for Financing

Step 3
Shop Around

Step 4
Research Your Aircraft

Step 5
Put Deposit on Plane/
Open Escrow Account

Step 6
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Step 7
Verify the Aircraft
has a Clean Title

Step 8
Get a Quality
Insurance Policy

Step 9
Arrange Final Payment

Step 10
Closing Paperwork

Step 11
Pick Up your plane/
Schedule Delivery

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Step 2:   Get Pre-Qualified for Aircraft Financing

Too many pilots search for the perfect aircraft, and then have it sold out from under them while they are making their financial arrangements. You don't want your dream aircraft to be owned by someone else!

We recommend you get pre-qualified right now! There are many aircraft lenders that can pre-approve you over the phone in as little as fifteen minutes, or you can apply online. Once you have been pre-approved, you are under no obligation to use the loan; it will just be there for you if and when you need it.

Most aircraft lenders require 10-15% down with a 10-20 year loan. These aircraft lenders offer a low monthly payment with outstanding repayment terms. Some offer additional pilot incentives as well.

Some local banks also handle aircraft loans. Usually these lending institutions are less experienced with aircraft loans and can often cause delays, however this is not always the case. If you prefer to use your local bank you should contact their lending department directly.

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