How to
Buy an Aircraft

Step 1:
Choose the Make/Model
that is Right for You

Step 2:
Get Pre-Qualified
for Financing

Step 3
Shop Around

Step 4
Research Your Aircraft

Step 5
Put Deposit on Plane/
Open Escrow Account

Step 6
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Step 7
Verify the Aircraft
has a Clean Title

Step 8
Get a Quality
Insurance Policy

Step 9
Arrange Final Payment

Step 10
Closing Paperwork

Step 11
Pick Up your plane/
Schedule Delivery

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Step 7:   Verify the aircraft has a clean title

If there is an old lien on the aircraft, you cannot get financing, and worse yet that person could have a claim to your airplane. Finding this out ahead of time could save you time and the expense of costly attorneys' fees.

Ordering a title search
There are companies in Oklahoma with access to FAA records that can perform a title search for you. It will list any liens against the aircraft or site that there are none. Any old liens must be released by filing the correct release of lien paperwork with the FAA, signed by the original lien holder. Most title search companies provide additional serivces to research old liens and attempt to get them released.

If you use an escrow service they will probably include a title search in their escrow package. A quality escrow service will not release funds without verifying the aircraft has a clean title.

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